illstart’s Top 5 Street Installations

Before we begin the list, take a minute to install this into your brain. This list goes in no specific order of favoritism,it doesn’t necessarily have to be your Top 5, and finnaly, we are writing this list knowing very well that it may not even be our Top 5 this exact time next week. And guess what, it’s all cool baby.

Without further ado…

numba 5

Crushed Man Street Installation

In this piece of street installation by Fra.Bioncoshock we see what could potentially be Jeff Dunham’s newest character smashed under the corner of a concrete building. The title forces me to think that it is taking a stab at being forced into the changes of globalization and it’s impact can be quite crushing.

numba 4

The Telephone Booth

This is a rare piece done by Banksy that is not street art graffiti. This installation is a telephone booth that has been struck with a pickaxe, and by the amounts of blood present we can imagine it is dying. I can’t rightly say however exactly how much blood a telephone booth has so it might have not even lost that much relatively, who knows?! Many speculate that this piece speaks of the loss of communication thanks to social media. I can see it, what do you think?

numba 3

This piece, called the Cityscope created by Marco Hemmerling is a one of a kind kaleidoscope rock. Watch this video and see for yourself!

numba 2

I swear I didn’t choose this because of the artist’s name (Filthy Luker). I just literally have never seen inflatables used for street art and I was impressed! These tentacles sway and move in the air giving it an even more realistic effect.

numba 1

Paper Man Street Installation
Installation in Seoul, South Korea

Mark Jenkins uses the human body in most of his works. Mannequin like dummies are made out of almost any type of material plus packing tape. He dresses these often and gives them wigs but this one he left quite organic. I guess a theme could be “you are what you read”?

Well…that’s the countdown…

I couldn’t help but think that some of these, especially the last one (Mark Jenkins’ work) could very well be considered litter. I mean eventually someone has to clean these up and you can guarantee Banksy isn’t going to risk coming back to clean up and give up his identity. Take this for another example, just because they are folded nicely does it make this paper less harmful to our environment?


Thousands of Origami Birds

Where do we reach the point of justification of what materials we can leave behind on the streets and for it to be OK but I can receive a hefty fine for leaving behind a soda cup?

Leave your comments and thoughts in the comments section below!


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