art as a 9 letter word

Art will forever be contradictory. There is simply no way around it. Cesar A. Cruz said it best by saying that “art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”. This idea that art is debatable, relative to one’s own perception, or even interpreted differently is perhaps the only constant in the definition of art. I’m sure you have heard someone try to disregard productions; Oh that’s not art, that’s just utter crap!”, but it never sticks. I remember becoming interested in this phenomenon, this world where, as cliché as it sounds, boundaries did not exist and one could express themselves in ridiculous ways.  I remember a myriad of feelings that arose within me from the conflicts that arose from an artistic expression. Most times they never even incorporated debatable topics we seem to acknowledge more thoroughly such as politics or religion. Most times it was as unexplainable as a color combination or distorted proportions that could set any one off at any time in absolutely any direction. Anyone who has ever had a 3 second conversation discussion about a painting like this knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Paint Splatter

paint splattering such as this is constantly being debated on its authenticity in the art world.

Take a second to think of the word art. Now, please stop thinking about a freaking painting! I’m not here to discuss some person sitting in a cluttered room with paint splatters on their face. I’m here to talk to you about the spawn of extreme pressure, the children of adrenaline, the product of breaking rules. I want to talk about that 9 letter word; “vandalism”, er uhm I mean “art”! Still unclear for you? Good. Every week I aim not to narrow your vision on illegal art forms, but instead to broaden in. I want to slap you in the face with the facts and arguments from all sides; artists, victims, taggers, street performers, property owners, NO ONE IS SAFE FROM SCRUTINY.

This being said, I look hope to arm you with arguments to defend your side but at the same time open your eyes to what other parties have to say about art forms that in general are destructive and at the very least disruptive. You can immediately see the conflict arising when a beautiful piece of art like this is made under illegal circumstances.

“Is it still vandalism if it’s appealing to the eye???”

Subscribe and join in on this discussion for yourself, and gain a better idea on exactly what types of street art are out there and how it affects all parties involved.



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